As you know, the Greater New Orleans area has been severely hit by the COVID-19 crisis. What you may not realize is there are over 1200 people currently trying to find shelter with more than 400 of those individuals left to sleep on the streets during this global pandemic. The hotel vouchers have covered less than 1/4th of this vulnerable population and people are starving with even less access to resources than before the crisis. Seeing this gap in governmental services, a small group of local educators and activists stepped up and started Southern Solidarity; since March 2020 we have collected donations, made food and hygiene packs according to CDC guidelines and risked our health to distribute them to unhoused community members in need.

Special thanks to our volunteer chefs, distributors and photographers!

Allie & Ellis , Bodhi, Dan, Trap Kitchen, Raquel with Tropicala Kitchen, Nick with Elysian Foods, Second Harvest, Jon, Angela, Emma D, and Hampton Inn on Convention Center Blvd, Matthew Seltzer

If you would like to make a tax exempt donation please reach out to Jasmine at 929-385-3902 for information about our fiscal sponsor.

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